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  • Feeling the pinch

    Families’ incomes are being squeezed by the benefits freeze, rising prices, and the ‘poverty premium’.
  • Poverty in your area

    Use our interactive map to find the level of child poverty in local authorities across the UK, by zooming in on different areas. The darker the shading, the higher the child poverty levels in that area.

Rises in the cost of living will outstrip meagre increases in child benefit by 17 times by 2020, a new report from the End Child Poverty coalition has revealed. The coalition’s “Feeling the Pinch” report shows that reductions in the value of benefits, relative to costs of living, are likely to leave a family with two children living in poverty, worse off by as much as £2800 per year by 2020, compared to the start of the decade. In addition, analysis from End Child Poverty shows that a family in a typical privately rented two-bedroom property could also have a rent shortfall of around £154 a month by 2020, after a four-year freeze on housing benefit. At the same time, families in poverty are having to pay a premium for the essentials, despite being least able to afford them. Essential household items like a cooker, energy and home insurance are likely to cost ...

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    End Child Poverty is a coalition of over 100 organisations, you can find out more about them by visiting their websites.