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    With incomes being squeezed families are left with no option but to turn to expensive rent-to-own for basic household goods. Take Action today
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    Use our interactive map to find the level of child poverty in local authorities across the UK, by zooming in on different areas. The darker the shading, the higher the child poverty levels in that area.

Rent-to-own poverty premium leaves families paying up to three times as much for household essentials New research from the End Child Poverty coalition has found that families using rent-to-own are paying as much as three times as much for key household items, with little alternative to shop elsewhere if they are unable to pay upfront. An online price comparison found that families could face paying as much as £9,150 over three years for a set of ten consumer items (including a tv, sofa and washing machine), where similar items paid for upfront, could cost as little as £3,050. The coalition is warning that many families who aren’t able to afford to pay up front for household goods and appliances, and who cannot access lower cost credit, often find themselves with little alternative but paying more by turning to a rent-to-own company. Responding to a survey conducted for the report, more than 70% of ...

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    End Child Poverty is a coalition of over 100 organisations, you can find out more about them by visiting their websites.