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  • Govt agrees to measure and publish child poverty data

    The Government has amended the Welfare Reform and Work Bill to include a statutory duty to measure and publish data on child poverty in the UK. This is a big win for the End Child Poverty Coalition and we couldn’t have done it without your help. For further details please see our press release or for details on the campaign please see our Money Matters page.
  • Poverty in your area

    Use our interactive map to find the level of child poverty in local authorities across the UK, by zooming in on different areas. The darker the shading, the higher the child poverty levels in that area.

For immediate release: Wednesday 16 March 2016 In response to today’s Budget, Sam Royston, Chair of End Child Poverty said: “The End Child Poverty Coalition was looking to see measures in the budget to tackle child poverty, given the Prime Minister’s promise of an ‘all-out assault on poverty’ and that this would be a ‘turn-around decade’. The Chancellor claims that child poverty is down, but fails to mention that independent projections show child poverty is actually on the rise in the UK, with IFS projections of more than a million more children living in poverty by 2020-21. Yet, this ‘next generation’ budget fails to introduce measures to redress projected rises in child poverty and the central issue of low family income. The increase in tax free allowances will do little to help families on low incomes, and family finances are set to be hit further by the four year benefit freeze and ...

  • Our Members

    End Child Poverty is a coalition of over 100 organisations, you can find out more about them by visiting their websites.