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4 million children - one in three - are currently living in poverty in the UK, one of the highest rates in the industrialised world. This is a shocking figure given the wealth of our nation. Find out child poverty levels in your area.

Poverty can have a profound impact on the child, their family, and the rest of society. It often sets in motion a deepening spiral of social exclusion, creating problems in education, employment, mental and physical health and social interaction.

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Hosting Arrangements

End Child Poverty is now being hosted by Child Poverty Action Group. Although in the last decade the number of children living in poverty has reduced, progress has not been fast enough for us to reach the goal of ending child poverty by 2020 that all the main political parties signed up to in the Child Poverty Act.

With over 150 member organisation, including children’s charities, unions, faith groups and many different kinds of civic society organisations, we are continuing our work together to build the public and political support necessary to ensure the important goal of ending child poverty by 2020 is met.

The End Child Poverty campaign is now in a new phase of strategic planning to meet the challenges of a new government, a new framework for action under the Child Poverty Act and the difficult economic circumstances.

To read about the campaign's history, click here for our news and media archives.

4in10: The End Child Poverty London Project

4in10: The End Child Poverty London Project (4in10) comes to an end on 30th April 2010. The end of the project was planned, having been funded from the outset for a fixed period of two years. Please feel free to use information available on this website, however, please note that some of this information may now be out of date. For up-to-date information on levels of child poverty in your area please visit: www.childpovertytoolkit.org.uk.