#NowYouSeeThem …Now You Don’t!

Take action now to stop the Government making 3.7 million children disappear



We’re delighted that the Government has amended the Welfare Reform and Work Bill to include a statutory duty to measure and publish child poverty figures. The change will both secure that the measures cannot be removed without Parliamentary approval, and crucially, sends the right message about the serious impact of low income on children’s wellbeing and life chances.

In his speech on this amendment, the responsible Minister, Lord Freud noted:
“Given the doubts and concerns that remain about the continued publication of this low-income data, I am able to say that we have listened, we have heard and we are willing to provide further guarantees. Three of the four income measures—including relative low income, combined low income and material deprivation, and absolute low income—are already routinely published in the HBAI publication.

Through the government amendment we are putting forward today, we propose to place a statutory duty on the Secretary of State to publish this information annually.”

This followed the earlier vote in the House of Lords, when Peers voted, by 290 to 197, to retain income as a measure of poverty in the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Thank you to all of you who emailed Peers and MPs and shared @EndChildPoverty and #NowYouSeeThem via social media – you really did make a difference.


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On Monday 25th January, the House of Lords will be debating the Welfare Reform and Work Bill, which includes clauses to abandon the Child Poverty Act targets and the duty to report on child poverty in the UK.


By changing the way they report on poverty to focus on whether a child’s parents are working and what GCSE results they get, rather than income, the Government will make the 3.7 million children living in poverty disappear…

We have a chance to stop this. Please email a Peer today to encourage them to stand up for children in poverty in the UK.

On 25th January we will be meeting MPs and Peers outside the Houses of Parliament to ask them to protect vulnerable children by voting against these changes. If you can’t attend in person, you can still be part of the action online. We will be live tweeting from @EndChildPoverty so please support the campaign by following our twitter account and using the hashtag #NowYouSeeThem.

Join us to tell the government that money matters.

Please get in touch with us for further details – email kate@endchildpoverty.org.uk