With so little money spare would you prioritise healthy meals, a warm home, or a new pair of school shoes for your child? Low-income families are forced make impossible decisions like this every day.


What would you do if you were really feeling the pinch?  – play our game below and take action to support families struggling to make ends meet. 

End Child Poverty is deeply concerned about the impact of poverty on children in families who are feeling the pinch. We call on the government to:

  • End the freeze on Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit and reinstate the link between annual increases in benefit levels and inflation.

  • Ensure that support with housing costs for families renting privately rises in line with increases in local rents.

  • Establish a commission to consider how businesses can ensure that their customers on a low income do not face paying the highest prices for goods and services.

Read more about our Feeling the pinch campaign.